About us

Parama Care's health and wellness platform, powered by machine learning, is designed to assist individuals in managing and potentially reversing chronic illnesses such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. With CDC-approved curriculum, Parama Care offers affordable digital health and wellness programs starting at just $10 per month. These programs are easy to use and provide culturally competent care with personalized attention to each individual's needs. The company is backed by the US Air Force, MassChallenge, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Science Foundation (NSF), MIT, NYCRIN and the University at Buffalo. 

Our Team

Kanwar Singh

Chairman & Army Officer

Ken Finnigan

Chief Technology Officer

Suzanne Rae

Chief Medical Officer

Jasleen Khaira

Product Leader

Dr. Stephanie Yacoubian

Harvard Medical School

Dr. John Paul Rollert

Harvard University & University of Chicago

Katy Person

MIT Innovation Initiative & Army Officer

Honorable Andy Weber

Former Assistant SECDEF & Council on Strategic Risks

Dr. Amar Sawhney

Chairman & CEO, Instylla Inc. 

Dr. Rajeev Surati

Software Entrepreneur

Our customers and partners